for enthusiastic home-owners
for KNX professionals

you can have a real partner and a point of reference inside the constant innovating and competitive world of KNX

for smarthome owners
for enthusiastic home-owners

follow one of our seminars targeted to end-users and save tones of time and money with your smarthome

for Building Controls

use our experience with all types of buildings, HVAC, preset lighting, security design and Energy savings to save time and improve your presence in your market

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Everything starts with a byte

Stop being intimidated by binary numbers! Since everything around us lives in electronic devices, we are obligated to have a minimum understanding of them. Why not let us help you comprehend the fundamental block of information used in almost everything related to computers.

Make a smarthome for you

Stop wasting your money on “smart” devices. Invest in yourself. Make better decisions. Save money from device selection and save time from poor services and professionals. Smarthome technology is awesome once you know the basics.

What I didn’t learn in my KNX Basic course

Fill in the theory gaps you might have from the KNX Basic course. Absorb the know-how offered by many experienced integrators from a single source. Get real tools from actual case studies. Conquer ETS and deliver to your customers better projects in less time.